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Pity Party



Nov 2002


Wyendie in Seattle, WA USA


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Pitty Party:  This has been a special and most important event for many years to my friends and I. Much more so when we were single, than when we have been married. It just may be time to re-reserct the festivities.  Anyways "Pitty-Parties" came about because some one would find themselves on hard times, be it in a relationship, or work, or finances. And as women do would call a friend to just let it all hang out on, although these talks can be helpful, we felt we needed just a bit more. These are typically impromptu parties, arranged last minute and as often as needed. Weekends were always the best for the did tend to run on for ours. Depending on the sorrow or the one having the sorrow the recipe would always be surrounded by lots of food.  For the my boyfriend is a . . . ., these were always celebrated with chocolated, sugar in any preferred form, ice cream, toppings, bags of "what ever looked good at the store" and my favorite cookies. Everyone would bring at least one item, many of us brought several. And the evening would consist of a well watched movie or music and lots of talk until are hearts were once again content. You could always substitute the recipe for a bottle of wine, fried chicken and potato chips, we considered that the heavy artillery.  Make it what you will, wear your jammies or your jeans, bring your food, your blankie and your troubles. For this party is solely for friends.

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