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Supper Club



July 2004


Nancy in Lafayette, Louisiana


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We were starting up a supper club and I wanted to "break" everyone in, so we decided to have an "Italian" night, with a twist.  I decorated with red and white table clothes and empty Chiati bottles with red candles, red and white napkins...etc.  For each place setting, I had the napkin rolled with raffia tied around it and a picture of each person (you sat across from your spouse and next to someone of the opposite sex).  My husband and I fixed everyone's plate - salad with italian dressing and meatballs and spagetti with garlic bread.  We then called everyone to the table and made a toast, then sat.  When everyone opened their napkins to get their utensils out, there were latex gloves (the outsides were washed, to get the latex taste off of them).  We threw on the gloves and began eating.  It was hysterical - everyone did it (I had hidden the utensils, just in case someone was a party pooper).  For dessert we had tiramisu, in keeping with the italian theme.  Months later, we are still talking about how much fun we had and how hard we laughed watching everyone eat with their hands, it was a great night and a great ice-breaker! 

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