Idea No.


Blue Without You



July 2004


Meghan in auburn, California, U.s.a


Miscellaneous Parties

My best friend was moving, so i decided to throw her a surprise going away party. The theme was: We'll Be Blue without you. I made blue jello,got blue chips, and drank blueberry kool ade. for the decorations, I put up blue streemers everywere, blew up blew up blue balloons, and on the door, we cut blue paper in the shapes of clouds and I wrote "We'll be blue without you".  I also used a blue table clothe for the table and blue utensils and we told the guests to wear blue outfits.When every one arrived, we hid so when my friend came we said " We'll miss you!!" After that we went swimming and played pin the tear on the cloud.My friend had a wonderful time, and a wonderful going away present.  :)

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