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June 2004


Summer in Long Beach, CA


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Hello, this July 2004 I will be hosting a Luau wedding reception.  It is going to be in Pismo Beach, CA.  For starters the invitations were messages in a bottle.  I bought little bottles put sand on the bottom, and some shells, and in it rolled up an invitation.  For the centerpieces I bought round bowls, filled them with glass blue rocks and water, and each one had a beta fish in it with sand around the bottom.  Our party favors included a cd with Luau music and some of the bride and grooms favorite songs, along with little surfboard picture frames with there wedding picture in it.  As they just got back from Hawaii.  Our cake is going to sit on teirs that are filled with water and shells along with graham crackers all crushed up around the cake to look like sand.  Myself and two other girls are taking hula lessons as we will be performing a little dance for the guests.  When each guest walks in they will be given a lei and a wrist band with there name on it.  They will then be directed to the area that we will set up to look like a beach to have there picture taken.  On more party favor we are doing is I said in the invitations for everybody to please e-mail me or send me there favorite recipe as I will be making a recipe book of all there family and friends favorite dishes to be given to the bride, but really everybody attending will receive a little book also full of recipes from there friends.  I can't wait I will let you know how it goes. 

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