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Gift An Hour Party 45yr



March 2006


Cindy in New Port Richey FL


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I did the idea of an all day birthday party for my husband, who was turning 45. I had a "Gift An Hour" party. I arranged for hourly gift deliveries to occur at his work. He works with 10 other men in a warehouse. His boss was aware of what it would entail. I went to his work the night before and decorated his desk and the front warehouse counter with black balloons, streamers,and a large "over the hill" banner. His boss also changed the huge sign out by a very busy highway to read "Stop in and check out Steve's hourly birthday party celebration!" My husband starts works at 7am until 5pm. This is what I did:  7am-Dunkin Donuts coffee, flavored creamers,bagels and cream cheeses. I also included a "over the hill" coffee mug. A card explaining that there would be hourly gift deliveries. 8am-new desk chair, pens and pencils printed "Happy Birthday Steve" for coworkers, friends, customers. A screensaver on his work computer turned on at 8:10 to show a birthday cake and play happy birthday. 9am-NASCAR calendar (we are big fans)and NASCAR clock for his desk 10am-NHRA tshirt and tickets for local NHRA event 11am-Tickets and the opportunity to drive a real train (another of his hobbies) 12noon-Pizza party!! 1pm-A cake I made of a shapely well endowed female torso wearing a bikini and a "Steve"heart tattoo 2pm-auto supplies for his new pickup he just bought-checkered floor mats, racing decals, etc 3pm-Dinner with me that evening at a famous steakhouse 4pm-2 dozen yellow roses (his favorite!!) 5pm-Me and our children It was a HUGE success!! He never knew what was coming each hour. The anticipation alone drove him and his coworkers crazy. It was fun watching grown men attempt to get work done but thank goodness it was a quiet day. When various company delivery trucks arrived, word spread like wildfire throughout the company about Steve's all day long birthday party. All done with companys blessing. It was fantastic!! 

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