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Farewell Party



May 2006


Lisa in Mishawaka, Ind USA


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We wanted to have a farewell party for our boss but also wanted it to be special. It wasn't hard to come up with a theme as he loves going to Vegas but how to decorate and what to do was the question.  We secured a nice room at a local Mexican restaurant chain.  The atmosphere was wonderful, festive and colorful.      We decorated with purchased plastic poker tablecloths for color.  Poker chips, dice, confetti and playing cards were scattered on the tables.  Confetti was also sprinkled on the floor.  Upon entering, each guest was asked to sign an autograph matting that would later be added to the group picture we would take at the end of the evening. Each guest also received a poker chip that had been decorated with tiny paper playing cards/tiny paper dice or other poker symbols.  The backs of the poker chips had a pin backing glued to it for wearing during the party and to keep for a memento.  Each person "working" the party had a decorated poker chip pin marking their positions.  On the cake table was a brandy snuffer full of poker chips.  Each guest was asked to take three poker chips for a game.  The game was played through out the night.  Guests were told they would not be able to say the words, "Yes/Yeah" or our bosses name.  Each time anyone slipped and said either of these words, they had to give up one of their chips.  If our boss "earned" enough chips, he could cash them in to the "House" for gifts.  We had a cheesy, gold, flashy gift bag containing a "consolation" prize and one very large gift bag (containing all the gifts brought in.)  The "consolation" prize had to be special to us all and something that would bring a big laugh.  The "House" of course decided in the end to cash in the chips for both bags.   During the dinner we each stood and shared our stories and good-byes.  An empty journal was passed around during the evening for each guest to sign and enter thoughts. We had recorded a sound very familiar to us all on a handheld recorder.  You could record the sound of your break whistle or maybe your boss yelling.  We played our sound at random times through out the party.  Took everyone by surprise and lots of laughter.   It really came in handy when we were standing on the main staircase waiting for our group picture and the photographer to say, "Smile"  My friend hit the recording and we all lost it!  I hope these ideas help you. We had a blast.                            

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