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Football Awards Ceremony



January 2006


Nicole in O'fallon, MO  USA


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Fantasy Football Awards Ceremony  My husband was our league commissioner this year, so we decided to have a awards ceremony.  We went to website that specializes in extremely low priced trophies and had ones made for "1st", "2nd" & "3rd" place.  Also, had one made for the "Biggest Looser" and one for "Best Team Name".  I went to a office products store and bought certificate paper and made "Certificate of Participation" certificates for all the players on the computer.  Invitations were done on the computer, very elegant, like a real awards ceremony would be.  Each player could bring a guest, and I made sure there was plenty of food (pizza), drinks (beer) and snacks (chips).  In front of the TV, there was a card table set up with a linen tablecloth.  Trophies were placed and covered with a linen napkin, 5 trophies in total. Small tent cards were placed in front of each corresponding trophy, 1st, 2nd and so on.  Inside the tent card, the person's name and their team name was printed.  As people arrived, I had them fill out the ballot card, picking the Best Team Name.  We typed up some "fun facts" from our league, ex. "the closest game", "team with most injuries", and "team with least amount of trades".  On the TV, clips from recorded games, Big News events (ex. T. Owens; Vikings Boat Cruise) played while people ate and drank.  Award Ceremony began, "fun facts" were read, names were announced, speeches were made, ballots were tallied/Best Team Name was announced and claps at the was a fun time!!  

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