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75 Years Of Living



July 2000


Kt in Lombard, IL


Miscellaneous Parties

For my dad's 75th birthday, we came up with a list we called, "75 Years of Living - Lessons You Taught Us".  Each of his 'kids' and their spouses & grandchildren, came up with short lessons learned from Dad.  Could be things he always said or says, etc.  Some funny, like, "Dog doo NOW!", others a little more serious, like how during troubled times he always says, "And this too shall pass".  I typed them up, separating each one with different colored ink and a heart in between each.  I printed it on legal sized paper.  Then I had it color copied to 11 x 17.  We framed it.  He really enjoyed it & we all got a lot of laughs from many of the lessons we learned.

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