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40 Almost Party



March, 2000


Nancy in Columbus, NJ  USA


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Almost 40 Party. I will be 40 next January, but have always wanted a pool party birthday, so I'm having a 39.5 party in July.  It will be a 60's theme (I was born in 1961).  Lots of peace signs, smile faces and yin-yang things from a novelty catalog for the kids; tie dye area for everyone; tie dye paper goods; Motown, the Beatles and Beach Boys playing on a boom box; silly swimming contests that involve both kids and grown ups - greased watermelon (each team trys to get it to the other side), ducky relays (swim with a rubber duck on your head, tag your child he/she swims back) cannon ball and belly flop contest; etc.  Invitations will be made on neon colored paper (mine will simply say 39.5 on the front, but you could use any number, even just 5!).  On the tables we will have goldfish in small bowls that will be centerpieces and guests can take home and edible goldfish crackers in bowls - very simple, but it looks nice with the orange in the tie dyed tablecloths and goes with the theme (remember goldfish eating contests?)  The cake I'll make in a pizza pan, and decorate like a record album (I will hang a few old records from the trees as decoration along with the peace signs, etc.).

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