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Feb 2003


Paula in Medford Lakes, NJ, USA


Miscellaneous Parties

Handyman/Mr. Fix-It Party      For my husband's thirtieth birthday, I am planning on a tool theme.  My husband's hobby is woodworking and being a handyman.  I thought that a party that celebrated that theme would be nice.  I'd clean up some of his tools and make centerpieces using tin pails and different sized tools to create a bouquet-like appearance.  I'd use a piece of pegboard and hang various tools on it to place behind the table where he'll sit.  I'd make a display of various projects he's done over the years and the finished products.  For favors, I'd give out mini-tools on key chains or mini tool sets (available at any large party supply place).  Construction tape and a tool cake are a must.

Adult Party Ideas



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