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Basketball Party 30yr



July 2012


Deborah in Kissimmee, FL, USA


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We had a ball" on my husband's 30th birthday! INVITATIONS: Simple store-bought basketball themed cards  DECORATIONS: I purchased all decorations at Party City. I got a tablecloth that looked like the floor of a basketball court with all the lines drawn and the NBA logo. I actually used this as a banner on one wall. On the table I used a tablecloth with basketballs on it. Party City also had a basketball centerpiece and bowl for chips that looked like a basketball which decorated the table too. Of course we used plates and napkins that looked like basketballs. We also used balloons and happy birthday banners. ACTIVITIES: I had bought "The Ultimate Michael Jordan" dvd set which we had playing on the TV throughout the party. We began by showing a complete game that was one of Jordan's lifetime best. Then we showed a highlights dvd of dunks etc. Everyone enjoyed this.  GAMES: We first played "Getting Ready For The Game Relay" with two teams of guys. Each player was given a Nike bag with all the items he needed. He had to pull basketball shorts and an athletic shirt on over his clothes. Then put a "sweatband" on his forehead.(I used my daughters' stretchy headbands.) Then do 10 jumping jacks to warm up. Then throw a small ball into our daughters' Little Tykes basketball hoop and make 5 shots. Then take off all the clothing and put it in the bag. The first team to finish won a bottle of Gatorade. Everyone liked the game so much that the women wanted to play so we did another round with two teams of two ladies. Later we played "Who Knows The Birthday Boy Best?" We didn't keep score for this game. I just asked questions gave several multiple choice answers and the group shouted out their guesses. Everyone enjoyed this game too because almost every guest was a family member or long-time friend and knew my husband pretty well.  COSTUMES: My husband wore basketball shorts and an athletic shirt. Our two little girls (ages 3 yrs. and 8 months) wore little sweat suits and the 3-yr-old had pom-poms. SNACKS: In my husband's Latin culture parties do not have snacks they have full meals. So his mother, aunt, and sister all helped by preparing some of his favorite dishes. CAKE:The cake was a Hispanic-style cake made by a local baker. It was beautiful and she even put ontop a small figure of a basketball player throwing a ball into a hoop. "

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