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All American



July 2005


Aliobhan in Bristol, UK


Miscellaneous Parties

Lat year me and my freinds were all planning to sleep over in my garden during the summer. As one my freind's american freind was going to be visiting at the same time all the rest of us planned a suprise all american themed party to welcome her to Britain. It was held in my dad's office in the garden,we completely emptied it and decorated the whole room. There was red, white and blue flags all over the office and around the outsides and across the garden, record covers covered the walls, (Elvis, The Beach Boys etc) Everyone dressed up in USA themed costumes from cowgirls to cheerleaders to the staue of liberty and bought bagels, cookies, muffins, hotdogs, doughnuts, milkshakes and candy all of which was decorated with tiny USA flag cocktail sticks (hand-made of course). It was a really nice evening until we were struck by a massive summer storm but as soon as the rain had finished we were outside again dancing in our pjs and on the waterslide to. The highlight of the evening was when my freinds brother arrived dressed as Elvis to entertain us with "ain't noting buta hound dog". It was the best party ever.

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