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Ice Cream



July 2005


lima in Brooklyn, NY


Miscellaneous Parties

Not a birthday party we just had a get together during work at Break Time... for an IceCream Party!! Posted Signs near time clock that I made with on computer with downloaded IceCream graphics... I scream, you scream, let's all have some IceCream!!! Thursday, July 2, at 3:00pm in the staff lunchroom! Please bring the toppings... I will bring the IceCream!! (also posted a suggestion list... Bowls, spoons, Sugar cones,  sprnkles(jimmies), chocolate syrup, hot fudge, strawberry syrup, walnuts, marshmello fluff, Whipped cream, banananas, strawberries...Don't forget the cherries!!!  It was a very quick (short on account of break time!!) and easy party, everyone brought something & we all had so much fun making our Sundae's... they want to do it every week!! So now I need suggestions of other parties to do at work during break time!!

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