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College Grad Party



August 2005


Lisa in Fessenden ND USA


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My Daughter's College Graduation Party: Since my daughter did not go to her College Graduation Ceremony I wanted to have a special recognition for her at our home.  We invited about 40 family and friends.  I sent out invitations that I had made from 3 layers of cardstock and vellum. Our theme for the Party was Backyard Garden BBQ.  My daughter is a vegitarian so we only had fruits and veggies.  We served Grilled corn on the cob, Grilled asparagus, Grilled potatoes, a veggie mix of peppers onions and zucchini, zucchini bake, fruit kabobs, brownies, sparkling cidar and several appitizers.  The colors for the party were red/burgundy, orange, and cream.  We hung white lights to separate our yard from the neigbors and then hung sheer fabric tied on with hemp string onto the strings of lights.  The fabrics were in the theme colors and about 2 feet by 6 feet pieces. They flowed in the wind.  We put cream candles in canning jars and hung some from the trees and also put some on the tables.  There were several silver tin citrenella candles around also.  My daughter and I went out and picked a bunch of wildflowers and put them in canning jars on the tables.  For the table coverings I had bought several yards of theme colored fabrics and sheets(some solid colors and some floral) and made them to fit on all the different sized tables in the backyard.  There were runners of coordinating colors down the centers.  I made enough fabric napkins for everyone and stuffed very nice plastic silverware into each rolled up and tied with hemp string.  The sparkling cider was chilled in a large silver tin pail with ice. We had Classical music playing in the background.  All was very pretty, very relaxing and was a special night for my daughter. 

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