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Memory Bouquet



April 2003


Raina in Phoenix Arizona


Miscellaneous Parties

My mom's turning 48 this weekend and her best freind came up with a really beautiful idea to help her remember the good she has brought to others in those years.  We're having twelve of her closest freinds choose a location where they want to meet with her and then giving her clues on how to find them (Kind of like a human scavanger hunt).  When she finds them they will each have an artifical flower that is uniquly there's.  They will present it to her and share a memory they have of a moment when she touched their lives and made it better.  She can then spend as much or little time in each location with that freind as she wishes. Which will also give her one on one time with people she doesn't normally get as much as she would like with.  The last clue will lead her to the location where all of her freinds will be waiting for her and we will have dinner, cake and ice cream.  An empty crystal vase will be the center peice, waiting for her special Boquet. Because the flowers are artifical she will be able to keep them forever as a memento of all the lives that she has touched and the diffrence her life has made.

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