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Groovy 60's 50yr



July 2003


Peggy in Harrisburg, PA  17109

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Groovy 60's Party:  For my brother-in-law (Bob's) 50's birthday, we decided to take him back to the "days of his youth," and celebrate with a Groovy 60's party.  We purchased tie-dyed paper and printed invitations with a 60's-style font.  The invitation had a short poem, a peace sign, a warning not to tell the "establishment" (the birthday boy), and asked everyone to come in 60's attire (bell bottoms, mini dress, fringed vests, etc).  We rented a small reception hall and decorated with 60's-style posters (Make Love, Not War, Peace and Love, footprints, etc).  Each table had a great centerpiece (bought at the dollar store) with honeycomb on the bottom in pink and purple, and pictures of peace signs, smiley faces, and hearts on top.  Also sprinkled on the tables were 60's-theme foam shapes in all the same colors as the centerpieces and tiny "50" confetti mixed in with the shapes.  In one corner of the room we had set up a small zodiak table (authentic and borrowed from a friend) with a journal (of course it had peace signs on the cover), colored gel pens, and 60's stickers.  We invited everyone to write a memory about the birthday boy, and decorate their page of the journal(nearly everyone  participated and it is a nice keepsake).  To help jog their memories, on an easel next to the journal table, we had a poster using pictures we had had enlarged of Bob from the time he was born to the present.  Also on that poster, we had all types of sayings from the 60's - "Give Peace A Chance" - "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30", etc.   There was also a table for gifts, and using one end of that table, we set up an area for the children who attended.  There were 60's tattoos, 60's-style erasers, and small trinkets for each of them.  Also decorating that table were three lava lamps which were later given as prizes to the winners of the three 60's trivia games (two were "what year did it happen, and one was 60's music).  These games were printed on paper with 60's stickers, and everyone was given a tie-dyed pencil to use for the games.  There were clusters of 60's-style balloons at three separate locations in the hall, also.  Almost every guest dressed the part - even Bob's 60-something neighbor who came in bell bottoms and a suede vest, and my 66 year-old mom (who wore a mini skirt and go go boots)!  As the guests arrived, we added to their costumes by handing out John Lennon glasses, head bands, and peace sign necklaces and earrings.  When the birthday boy arrived, he was TOTALLY surprised!  We gave him a tie-dyed shirt and a "pot-leaf" necklace - he did grow up in the 60's after all.  Throughout the evening we listened to 60's music, took tons of pictures, and ate "picnic-style" food.  Everyone had a great time!

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