Idea No.


Swankiest VIP



May 2005


Franchesca in Columbus Ohio


Miscellaneous Parties

I rented out the swankiest VIP room in Columbus.  If the owner of the restaurant/lounge knows you will draw more than 20 people, you may even be able to rent the room for a low price or even free.  I invited 40 of my boyfriends co-workers, family and friends to celebrate his 30th birthday.  We titled the invitations.. "Let's celebrate Shane's last night of being in his twenties!"  We made up gift bags with goodies just like you get if you would attended the birthday of an A-List Hollywood star.  (Not expensive of course)  Try TJMAXX for cheap but expensive looking sunglasses, or Big Lots for gourmet candy.  Everyone that came felt like a star, and it ended up costing very little for me!  Shane felt so special!

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