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Mafia Party 60yr



February 2010


Jacomi in Johannesburg, South Africa


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For my mother's 60th party (I must mention that my mother is extremely young spirited for her age)I arranged a Mafia Party. Firstly, for the invites I made them on Black cardboard and typed the invite in typical Godfather / Mafia jargon and folded them close and tied it with a string and sealed them with red wax.  I also included a picture of infamous Mafia members which I googled on the internet and I assigned a specific Mafia member to each male guest. So the invites was addressed to Salvatore Greco and Wife. I got female Mafia lovers / wives names also from the internet so that the guests can get the feel / message of the theme.  My father was Al Capone (most infamous of them all) an my mother was Mae Coughlin (Al's wife).  Guests then had to dress according to the theme with the men in their two-tone shoes and suits and the women in dresses, red lipstick, long gloves, pearls etc. The tables were decorated with Black tablecloths with red overlays and on the tables I randomly places playing cards, chocolate gold coins and red candles.  At the entrance of the room (we rented a venue/hall) we had a mannequin which we place the feet in a block of cement and dressed him in a old white shirt and black pants.  We made holes in the shirt and blotted it in red die to make it look like he was shot with a Tommy Gun and will be dumped in a river with a cement block on his feet. (Like the Mafia use to do).  The guest had turns to take pictures next to the poor unfortunate Luigi who did not RSVP to the Bosses invitation on time kapish?  The men also each received a news paper with a parcel inside. A plastic toy revolver when they entered the room.  I also made a name tag in Black and Red with their Mafia names printed on them and that was how they had to address each other for the rest of the night. Before the dinner was served my dad Al Capone" stood up and read out the Cosa Nostra (Mafia 10 Commandments) to which the guests had to abide for the rest of the evening.  We played 20's music like Frank Sinatra and the Big Band and everybody enjoyed themselves tremendously.  I also printed pictures from the internet of all the Mafia Members and made posters of them to put on the walls.  The people still talked about it for months afterwards.  After the party we took the pictures and inserted them into news articles which was printed in black/white/sepia on a Old Chicago Times heading which looked like a 20's News Paper Article about the infamous Al Capone and his gang seen hanging out at Lexington Hotel for his wife's birthday.  We then posted / send the news articles which we laminated to the guests who attended as a Thank You. "

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