Idea No.


Science Theme



December 2004


Lewis in Rochester, NY, USA


Miscellaneous Parties

This party is a science themed party idea for adults (it might be able to be adapted for children). 

First, all of the party's hosts should have white lab coats and protective lab goggles. 

Other supplies that you will need are test tubes, some sciency flasks, a blacklight, and dry ice. 

Beverages that are needed would be tonic and colored liqueurs alongside some other drinks for mixing. 

Tonic has quinine in it, which glows under blacklight.  So, if you mix  a colored drink with tonic correctly, it will glow that color under the blacklights. 

People should drink from test tubes (make sure you aren't using dirty test tubes) and flasks.  Use the dry ice as a way to add more laboratory ambiance to the party.

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