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Mexican Anniversary



December 2004


Elva in Diamond Bar, CA USA


Miscellaneous Parties

We decided to have my parents a surprise Mexican anniversary party!  We sent out invitations that were in both English in Spanish it read:  You are invited to a surprise fiesta in honor of Celia y Trini's 30th wedding aniversario.  On Saturday---, etc. At the Alvarez Residence in Diamond Bar, Mexico.  Please come in your best mexican attire.  We then made a "street" sign and hung it on a post on the way up to our home that said "Atengo 10 km"  ti indicate that they were close to our home.  (Atengo is the name of the town in Mexico were our parents were married.)  As the guests arrived (adults only) we hung a small tequila shot glass around their necks and required that they each take a shot!  They then wore their glass for the rest of the evening and held it up as needed for refills.  We made these shot glass necklaces out of small (1 oz) tea-cups made of "barro" found at most swapmeets or in Tijuana.  We used mulitcolors of curling ribbon to hook through the edge and make the necklaces.  On the little shot glasses we wrote "Celia y Trini 30 years of drunken love".  For decorations we bought zarapes and draped them over the tables and placed cheap wooden guitars in the center.  Around the guitars we placed mexican objects such as wooden spoons, molcajetes, sombreros etc.  For food we hired a real taco-stand man complete with his portable taco stand.  He set up in the backyard and we had a wooden sign that said "Tacos 5 pesos".  We also had a nacho table with all the fixin's to make your own nachos.  We also hired a bartender and set him up with a sign that said "Cantina Alvarez"  We made horchata (rice-water) and Jamaica.  Sodas were also available.  At the bar we served margaritas, tequila and cubas.  We also hired a mariachi to play and they really got the party going.  My niece is a folkloric dancer so we borrowed all of our costumes from her, however we found that most men could just wear "guayaveras" and be fine.  Most items could be bought in Tijuana across the border for next to nothing including costumes.

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