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Diet Mom Party 35yr



May 2007


Harshana in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


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My wife who will be celebrating her 35th birthday has been on crash diets, short term diets, weekend diets and all other diets one can think of.  But ever since she gave birth two our two children, she has not been able to stick to diets and sometimes looks at her self in the mirror and asks, mirror mirror on the wall who is the thinest of them all" and I say "honey I am". But of late she has been on a rigid diet with no sweets no chocolates and I decided to do something extra special for her birthday in May.   I have sent out S-shaped cut out invitations with the words "sending you a slim invitation" with the words "in appreciation of my wife's slimmer look......we are celebrating her 35th birthday" (add all other details as well like date venue and time etc).  I had a hors doeuvre party and guess what all of the finger foods I choose were healthy foods.  I had a huge platter filled with cut apples pears grapes celery sticks low-fat crackers cream-crakers (a favourite of sri lankan house wives) with a very cheesy but low fat dip!  I had water melon drink iced lime soda and home made ginger beer to quench their thirst (a lot of talking was done!!!!).  I also had a weight scale in the hall and each lady took a turn to weigh themselves !!!!!  I took a large styrofoam sheet and pinned a face of each of the ladies I had invited for the party (by the way this was an-all-ladies- party).  I had also made an equal number of 'slim body' cutouts dressed with very sexy outfits.  I then asked each lady to pick a body outfit and pin it onto their face so as to make a whole figure. And surprise surprise....... the 'bigger' ladies were amazed with the way they would look if they were slimmer......... It proved in the end to be a real motivational factor for each of them.  In the favor bags I included the following:  A recipe sheet filled with low fat spreads healthy eating tips and a variety of low fat drinks (which my wife used in the first place) An easy-to-follow-diet plan (step-by step guide) A tape of easy workouts  So the next time you want to appreciate your wife's slimming regimen....... think about this knock-out small party idea"

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