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Playstation Character Party 28yr



April 2007


Hayley in Waipukurau Hawkes Bay New Zealand


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I came up with this idea for my 28th birthday which is on the 19th of next month. To get both the female and male party-goers keen i picked a favourite playstation character theme. You can be as dressy or as casual as you feel.One friend said she is coming as Elise from a Tony Hawke game-hoody,vans,cargoes,beanie,an skateboard Another friend is coming as Laura Croft Tombraider I am tossing up bewteen Asuka Kazuya from mortal kombat or Trinity from the Matrix. In our games room I am setting up our PS2 with our 43inch with games such as singstar,car racing, fighting, boxing, dancemat, gunshooting etc I have invited twenty or so mates dress up is optional as I dont like to pressure friends into things they dont want to do. I have booked the babysitter for my 2 daughters, have organised a keg of beer and will do light nibbles. My mates are bringing a plate of nibbles or snacks and something to drink. I expect to be having fun from sun up till sun down for my birthday....and I hope someone likes my theme idea....cheers, may add photos in due time. Hayley....New Zealand

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