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Archie Party



March 2007


Teri in Green Bay


Miscellaneous Parties

We're always looking for party ideas that allow us to include the different ages of our family members.  Our most memorable was our Archie party.  I'm referring to the Archie comic book characters.  Each family member was assigned a character ( Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Miss Beasly etc..).  Each person was  assigned goals and ojbectives to achieve during the night (i.e.Big Ethel getting a date with Jughead). Each person was also given some dirt" on others which they could use to "negotiate" favors  (i.e. Reggie was seen kissing Big Moose's girlfriend Midge...Now Reggie would not want to suffer the wrath of Big Moose should that information get out so he might be VERY willing to do someone a favor in exchange for that information).   The party ends at a given time and players then compare notes.  It was great fun.....Worth repeating. "

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