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Whimp Bowl



February 2002


Monica in Penticton B.C.


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Adult "Whimp Bowl" Party This idea came to us as a way to have a large party and find something fun to do where everyone would be included. My husband and I sat down prior to the party and made Jell-O shooters(half vodka and half water and set to cool in small cupcake cups) and on small pieces of paper wrote down different ideas like: Do a line dance from one side of the room to the other, sing a children's song in an opera voice, do an Elvis impression, pretend to be a rap star etc...once we had about 30 of these we placed them in a bowl. We served appetizers and each guest brought one as well. When everyone was there and had a chance to get a drink we began the game. Everyone took turns coming up and were given the choice to do a Jell-O shooter or pick a card from the "whimp bowl" It was a lot of fun and entertaining for all that were there. Everyone raved about the party and for those that were shy the Jell-O shooters brought them out of their shell and in no time they were ready for the "Whimp Bowl". This game works great with all ages and if there are any non drinkers that are very shy you can make a few non alcoholic Jell-O shooters and let them know that before hand so they can take the shooter without having to drink alcohol.

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