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Astrology Party



Feb 2003


Laura in Memphis, TN USA


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I decided that I would celebrate my Husband's birthday with an Astrology party.  I wanted all 12 signs to be represented in some way.  I booked space at the planetarium and sent invitations shaped like road signs that sais "what's Your Sign?"  Inside with the party info I requested everyone to come dressed as their own sign.  the best one was a girl who was a Gemini.  She simply had a name tag that said "I" and she brought a friend with a name tag of "Jim"  together they were "JIMANDI" We played music for each sign like "Like a Virgin," anything by the Scorpions, "Under the Sea," "Shot Through the Heart," "Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong" For decorations I used copies of the covers of romance novels for Virgo, floating candles for Aquarius, nets and plastic crabs for Cancer and Pisces, toy horns for Taurus and cactus for Scorpio. Our games consisted of 3-legged races for Gemini, a basketball throw (Chicago Bulls) for Taurus, Feed the Lion (bean bag toss) for Leo, and archery contest with rubber darts for Saggitarius,marshmallw balnce game for Libra. The food also kept up the theme with tuna sandwiches, crab cakes, twinkies, cherries, chips with goat cheese, and "bull"ogna sandwiches.  It was a great idea and everyone got into the spirit of the nite.  We ended it all by watching a show at the Planetarium.

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