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Toolman Party



Feb 2003


Becky in Santa Maria, CA USA


Miscellaneous Parties

I am giving my husband a "toolman" party. I am having it outdoors on a ranch  and will have a few "manly man" competitions.  I am doing a pound the nail in  the board the fastest contest,  get the nail out of the board the fastest  contest, saw the board in half contest.  I am going to get margarine tubs and  fill them with nuts and bolts but only have three nuts that fit three of the  bolts.  I will have four of these and the first person to find the three nuts  and screw them on to the bolts wins.  I am still working on other ideas.  I  want to have stations where people can do these competitions.  Each first,  second and third place winner will receive fake money.  Near the end of the  party I will auction off prizes, some of which are myster

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