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Coors Light Party 45yr



July 2006


Misti in Burbank, CA United States


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Coors Light Birthday Party for Adults:  I threw a 45th birthday party for my mom and her twin brother. The theme was Coors Light. (You could do this with any beer or soda though)Since they don't make Coors light decorations I had to be creative. I bought red, black, and silver partyware (Coors Light colors). I cut out Coors Light signs from the boxes the beer comes in and taped them all over the place. I bought Coors Light bar flags from ebay and hung them up around a canopy outside. I brought a bar and bar stools we had and put it under the canopy. I stapled a silver table cloth around the front of it and glued Coors Light signs on it. I put up a sign above the bar that said, "Silver Bullet Bar." We have a 3 ft pool in the yard as well so I put ice and beers in there for a huge ice chest! I also bought a $30 poker table top and set it up with glass Coors Light cups in the cup holders, beer googles, beer dice game, and beer nuts of course. Last but not least, I called Coors Light and asked them if they could contribute. They sent me Coors Light coasters, hats, pins, peanut bags, and bottle openers. That was a huge bonus. The party was really awesome. My mom and her brother said it looked professionally done.   I could send some photos if you accept them.   Thanks,  MISTI

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