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Heavy Metal Party 26yr



July 2006


Misti in Burbank, CA United States


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Adult Heavy Metal Rock Party   This is my second entry. Is it ok to send two?  I'm going to throw a Heavy Metal night party for my 26year old boyfriend next month. Here are the ideas I've come up with. First I made ticket stubs for invitations. I'm going to build a mini stage in the back yard. I'm going to set up strobe lights on the stage. We have a 3ft pool in the yard so I'm going to put colored lights at the bottom and fill it with dry ice. That will look really cool. Then I'm going to make a Hard Rock Cafe Bar that's going to have a bunch of rock stars on the front of it. I'm going to have a cheap $20 guitar and sharpie for all the guests to sign. The cake is going to be a stage with his favorite guitar players printed off the computer and standing on a stage. We're going to make two 4 foot wood cut out of his guitars and stand them up in the yard. We're going to play all of his favorite rock music of course, play a rock n roll trivia game with prizes (guitar pics, shot glasses) and set up his Guitar Player magazines in a rack so anyone can read one while their partying.

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