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Spring Chicken 65yr



April 2002


Kay in Houston, TX   USA


Miscellaneous Parties

My friend turned 65 this year, and we wanted to do something special. Since the party date happened to be the day before Easter, we decided to give it a "Spring Chicken" theme. Guests gathered at 11:00 AM in time to surprise the honoree. After she arrived, we ate lunch, which consisted of chicken salad sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, Jell-O beans, bunny trail mix, and various other Easter goodies.   Following lunch, everyone hunted eggs. A prize (Easter candy) was given to the person who found the most eggs, but all eggs (12 jumbo-sized plastic) went to the honoree. She opened the eggs to find a small surprise in each one. Everyone then celebrated by having birthday (carrot) cake. The party seemed to go well, and people seemed to have an "eggs-cellent" time.

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