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Pie Baking Contest Party 32yr



October 2008


Robert in Yorkton, SK, Canada


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For my 32 birthday party I put on an Apple Pie Baking Contest.  I had about 15 quests and I split them up into teams of 3 or 4.  The object of the competition was for each team to make an apple pie from scratch.  I set up a work station for each team throughout the kitchen, dining room and living room.  I had all the neccessary ingredients in a central location and everyone had the same recipe that they had to follow.  Each team was judged on 5 different areas and they were judge on a score of 1-10 1. they were judged on teamwork, the judges wanted to see if everyone on the team was pitching their fair share.  2.  the Teams were judged on the presentation of there pie before it went in the oven. 3. The teams were judged on what theie pies looked like when they were done baking.  4.  The teams were judged on the cleanliness of their workspace and 5. the teams were judged on taste.  Everyone that participated had a blast and best thing about it we had guests from age 20 to 60.  It was really interesting because there we people who have never baked a pie in their life and it was interesting for them to go through the process and help out.  The team that won actually had the ugliest pie but it tasted the best. 

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