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September 2007


Wise in Canton, Georgia  USA

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This was an ADULT PARTY, everyone was over the age of 21 years.  My daughter was turning 22 years old and requested a Harry Potter Birthday Party.  So I gleaned some ideas from the previous submissions and we had a wonderful Adult Harry Potter Birthday Party. I used the letter idea from a previous submission and dubbed myself the Mistress of Feasts & Frolics at Hogwarts and sent invitations to our guest list. Using my computer I downloaded the Hogwarts Crest & created Hogwarts letterhead.   INVITATION: (Hogwarts Crest)  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Dumbledore's Title) Dear Wizards: We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Gryffindor House Secret Summer Training of Dumbledore's Army.  There will be a special Surprise Birthday Feast in honor of Gryffindor's newest Prefect and Dumbledore's Army Alumni, Anna (my daughter).  The Birthday feast will feature a delicious menu of: Grilled Bat wings (Teriaki & Hot Wings) Worms & Goo (mac & Cheese) Wands & Muck (celery & carrot sticks and Ranch & Blue Cheese dips) Twigs, Nips & Crisps (pretzel sticks, cheese nips & potato chips) Butter Beer (real beer) Sweet Gillywater Cocktails (Apple Martinis) Bubble Juice & Firebolt Shots (BJ-Kamikaze shots made w/ blue Curaco & FB-Pink Sunny D & vodka) Honeduke's Sweete Shoppe Cake (Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting) Training will begin at 7PM at Night on Saturday, August 18th.  Please take the Hogwarts Express Train to (address), which is currently disguised as a Muggle Home.  There you will find fire clues you must follow to the enchanted path in the Forbidden Forest which will lead you to the magical gate visible only to magical folks.  The surrounding areas is well-protected by memory charms, so it will be safe to practice magic in this special location.  If you miss the Hogwarts Express and must arrive by way of Muggle vehicle, feel free to dress in non-wizard clothingm however Gryffindor House colors of scarlet & gold or dressing all in black and sneakers are recommended.  If you are unable to respond by owl, please reply via the Muggle telephony system at (phone number).  We look forward to your arrival at Dumbledore's Army Secret Summer Training Council. Sincerly, (Name) Deputy Headmistress of Feasts & Frolic Hogwarts Academy  Weeks ahead of time I made signs on the computer with the Hogwarts Crest & and all of the various menu items. I decorated the table with a Maruader's Map (off the internet) & used some plastic creatures my 6 year old had for Moony (wolf), Padfoot (black dog), Wormtail (rat) & Prongs (Stag). I used other Harry Potter decorations I had collected over the years. I served the SWEET GILLYWEED COCKTAILS in a big witches cauldron (leftover from Halloween.  We put dry ice in the bottom of the cauldron, then used an upside down colander & put a punch bowl on top of that.  When we poured water in the cauldron it would smoke & look like potion.  I made special wands, a large Dumbledore Banner & recycled old Rum bottles & hot sauce bottles & created new lables on the computer & Modge Podge (Decoupage)them with Firebolt Shots & Bubble Juice Shots on the bottle.  I even made a special Hot Sauce lable.  FIREBOLT SHOTS LABLE (picture of Firebolt Broom downloaded from the internet) Hogsmeade Tradition since 1427 Official Drink of the Quidditch World Cup CONT. NET 750ml Product of Hogs Head Tavern  BUBBLE JUICE SHOTS LABLE (picture of a Snitch downloaded from the internet) The Three Boomsticks Orginal Recipe The most requested drink of seekers everwhere! Beware Bubble Juice Postion makes you float CONT. Net 750ml  DRAGON'S BREATH HOT SAUCE (Dragon picture from computer graphic) So hot you will breath fire made with real dragon's spit!  (my daughter's friends want me to make them bottles for their bookcases)   PLANNED EVENTS: Dinner Eye Ball Pinata (Candy) Moaning Myrtle Game (Blind Man's Bluff) Wizard Scavenger Hunt  Scene It Harry Potter  We set up tiki torches along a path in the woods that lead to our back gate.  The party was held in our backyard.  We set up a buffet table with the menu items & drinks. I made signs using my computer & gluing them onto cardboard that looked like wood signs, we labled our dogs in the pen as the HOUNDS OF HELL, the gate to our swimming pool was the BLACK LAKE, the tree in the middle of our yard was the WHOMPING WILLOW, my son's wooden playset with a fort was the SHRIEKING SHACK and the woods along our house where we held the Scavenger Hunt was the FORBIDDEN FOREST.  Our back ward was decorated with Harry Potter Party things that I have collected for years. (I always check party stores & discount stores for sales & have bought plates, streamers, stickers, goody bags, etc... at very discount prices).  After dinner & a few drinks we attacked the pinata which was an eye ball, they had to beat it to a pulp to make the candy come out.  It was hysterical to watch adults swing at the pinata & they were all very excited about the candy when it finally broke.  Then we played the Moaning Myrtle Game, it is just like blindman's bluff from my childhood.  MOANING MYRTLE GAME: Someone has to be it" and they must be blindfolded.  Then everyone gathers in a circle & spins the blindfolded "it" person slowly "Dumbledore wants you." "it" person says "What for?" Everyone says "to feed Myrtle." "It" person says "where is the spoon?" Everyone says "In the dark dark room." Then they let go of the "it" person (who should be a little dizzy & disoriented).  Now the "it" person must catch someone so a new person can be "it."  The other people can moan (hence the name Moaning Myrtle game)& even gently touch the "it" person but they should try not to get caught. (Remember the "it" person is blindfolded so watch that they don't hurt themselves by running into the Whomping Willow. Kids love this game but adults really get into it especially after a few Firebolt Shots. Whew!  I made homemade wands for all of the guests weeks before the party.  I bought long wooden dowels (79 cents each)& had my husband cut them into 3 equal pieces (so 1 wooden dowel made 3 wands almost a foot long each).  I sanded them down & used a pencil to draw pictures onto them or quotes from Harry Potter like the Gryffindor House Motto.  I then used a Wood Burning Kit to burn the design into the wand.  My husband then stained the wands with various left over wood stains we had in the Garage.  So that the wands had some variety.  I did some really cool designs like dragons snakes leaves & vines skull & crossbones.  I let my daughter pull out wands at the party & assign each wand to the personality of the guests. (be careful some people take it personally if you give them a wand that seems like a Deatheater or Slytherin Wand instead of Gryffindor)  DUMBLEDORE"S ARMY BANNER using an old sheet I colored a picture of Dumbledore with a Banner above it saying DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY NEW RECRUITS. I used an overhead projector and a transparancy & sharpies. We hung the giant sheet sized poster between two trees & posed everyone together with their wands at the ready in front of it.    Then we went into the Forbidden Forest for the Wizard's Scavenger Hunt. I used the computer & printed out poems on parchment paper & tied them with Gryffindor colored ribbon.  I also used items that we have collected over the years for Halloween & costumes and hid them along a path in the woods.  I lined the path with a string of White Christmas lights & plugged them into a computer power cord. So to start the Scavenger Hunt I made everyone stand at the front of the Forbidden Forest & hold thier wands at the ready & say "ILLUMINATA" & I stepped on the on switch so the the forest lit up & looked like magic. SCAVENGER HUNT: BROOM (Bought from Oriental Trading Company) There are many ways for a Wizard to travel on train tracks or on a road made of gravel Muggles use this tool to sweep the whole room Wizards use it in the air when they really want to zoom  OWL (Bought at Discount store for 99 cents its a mini Hedwig) Messages letters or any kind of mail are sent through the air way faster than a snail Through rain or sleet or even in blizzards This nocturnal creature are used only by wizards  DOBY (used a Ren Doll(of Ren & Stimpy)& added a T'shirt that Says "I smile because I am a Free Elf"-I made the shirt from a small kids shirt & sharpie) Harry Potter had a mischievious ally who did his best but things always went awry Harry liked him quite a bit in spite of himself He was better known to us all as a little house elf  SNITCH (bought at Party City) This is something Harry "seeks" when he plays the game It is referred to as "golden it is part of its name To chase it & catch it is all that you need but you must be swift & agile and have lots of speed  DEMENTOR (an old Halloween Costume, stuffed & hung in a tree, its eyes light up) They are scarier than Basilisks and even a big troll Keep your wits about you & hold onto your soul they can float in the sky and can fly in your yards They are best known to us all as Azkaban guards  BASILISK (old, Huge, stuffed snake won from a fair) I am large, slithering creature with deadly eyes avoiding me is best and can be very wise I killed Moaning Myrtle" and I speak parsel tongue I strike at anyone who enters my "Chamber the old & the young  SCABBERS (an old rubber rat from Halloween decorations) He works for he who cannot be named" responsible for the deaths for which he is blamed for years he lived in the Weasley's house an animagus a creature--but not quite a mouse.  ARAGOG (Spider made with large black helium balloons & streamers-it needed to float) Many years ago Hagrid had a best friend that caused his Hogwarts career to end he is not just a spider or a trantula but is known as the enormous acromantula   When we got to the Dementor in the forest I asked everyone to stand back in case he wanted to steal our soul & asked my daughter to call her patronus. Using her new wand she pointed to the dementor & yelled "EXPECTO PATRONUM." Using a mini flashlight & a picture I printed from the computer of a Pegasus (horse with wings) onto a transparancy.  I cut out the Pegasus in a circle then taped it to the head of the flash light.  When she called her Patronus I turned on the flashlight in the sleeve of my black shirt & her patronus was on the chest of the dementor--it looked like magic. When we got to the final clue I used helium balloons & streamers to create ARAGOG.  I used a piece of dental floss strapped over the helium balloons diagonally to keep the spider from floating away.  At the end I had everyone hold their wands at the ready & say "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" while practicing their swish & flick technique.  I stepped on the dental floss breaking it & making the spider float upward revealing the box with all the goody bags (which held chocolate frogs blood pops exploding bon bons pixie sticks & stickers -- all bought on sale at party city & target & kmart)  BLACK LAKE/SWIMMING POOL Everyone then went swimming in our Black Lake.  Some people jumped in fully clothed & some people swam in their boxers. (I think they were trying to see if our SWEET GILLYWEED COCKTAIL really made them breathe underwater.  After everyone finished swimming & dried off. We went in the house for HP SCENE IT.  HARRY POTTER SCENE IT We played the newest Eddition of Harry Potter Scene it. My Husband who was the KEYMASTER (the person at the begining of the party that collects everyone's car keys & then at the end of the party determines if people can drive if they need a cab or if they need to crash at our house) made sure everyone had a place to sleep or get home.    The party was a great success & we have received many compliments. We made a special thank you card for the guests & included the picture of everyone in front of the Dumbledore's Army Banner on the front. It read:  For my 22nd birthday I gatherd with my friends We had a little party that seemed to never end with wands at the ready the guests then arrived It was a party to remember for those that have survived. We played Moaning Myrtle and posed with Dumbledore We beat the Eye Pinata we had to whack it more & more. After all the Gillyweed Cocktails Bubble Juice & Firebolt Shots We laughed & joked all night & we drank lots & lots We traveled on a Scavenger Hunt to find some Hogwart's treats. Our celebration was magical and ends with lots of sweets. Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts and for coming to my bash to celebrate my birthday and make a great big splash In the pool with all your clothes on or in your underwear we had so much fun no other party can compare. Thank you to all those who came and I say with lots of glee I can't wait until my party when I turn twenty-three!  Of course all of the work we did for the party was part of our gift to our daughter.  She says that she will remember it for the rest of her life.  Her friends wish that we would throw them a Party.              "

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