Idea No.


Super Bowl Survivor



June 2001


Lisa in Colorado Springs , CO


Miscellaneous Parties

We had a SuperBowl/Survivor Party at the house since the Survivor TV show came on right after the game.  We moved our furniture out of our living room, borrowed some friends large screen TV's, and set the TVs at three different locations for a good view from any angle.  We had benches set out to look like stadium seating. Each side of the room was decorated with the colors and logos of the two opposing teams so guests could choose to sit with 'their' team.  Also, we had plastic lei's with the team colors for guests to wear to announce their team loyalty which were given as they were greeted at the front door.  A keg was off to the side patio for easy access and each guest brought a dish to share with the crowd. It was a kid-friendly party too with the downstairs room equipped with videos, toys, and snacks to keep them occupied.   After the game we all sat and watched Survivor and made bets on who would be the last survivor.  Plus, with so many people it was fun to hear what everyone thought of the contestants.  It was a great party and everyone had a blast.

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