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Beer Party 23yr



June 2002


Noemi in Laredo TX  U.S.


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For my husband's 23rd birthday party, it was a "Beer" theme. I decorated with white balloons,streamers, and curly ribbon inside and outside the house. "Beer party lights hung across the crowd. We had black lights outside as well as a strobe light with our home made sound system all facing the crowd. Food was sub-sandwiches,chips & dips,meat stew,and a cake in the shape of half a can of "Beer" with "Beer" shaped candles. Of course beer was available as well as other malt liqours, mixed drinks,and Jell-O shots. The kick of the party was a "Beer" shaped pinata filled with mexican spicy candy, sour pouches,glow sticks, cigarettes, and other adult party accesories (of course the pinata was broken late in the party when every one was loosened up). After breaking the pinata, everyone sprayed the birthday guy with neon spray string which served as great glowing decoraions with the black lights (as well as the glow sticks everyone was wearing). It was a party to talk about for months.

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