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Gilligan's Island Work Party



May 2010


Sarah in Blaine, WA USA


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This was actually a themed week celebration in the workplace for Admin Assistant's Week, but since I looked here for ideas, I thought I would share what we did.  The halls of our office were decorated with strands of nautical flags, printed off on the color printer, and stapled to regular red and blue curling ribbon.  First Day: As staff arrived, we had a supervisor dressed in a captain's hat at the front desk, which we had transformed into a ticket booth, with signs featuring tickets for sale for a three hour tour" pictures from Gilligan's Island etc.  As staff came in each one was given at ticket.  The ticket was made using Word and boat clip art and listed the week's itinerary.    Each staff person was given a "cruise bag" which was a small blue or red canvas tote with a rolled up striped kitched towel (beach towel) a set of goggles and scuba mask from the dollar store pineapple scented lotion a small plastic compass and a handful of individually wrapped lifesaver candy.  The ticket listed the first day's event as the Bon Voyage party which we staged in the break area complete with a Bon Voyage banner netting and paper fishes and a spread of bagels cream cheese and tropical fruits.  Second Day:  The event on the ticket was listed as "You're a Lifesaver".  Each staff came in to find their desk/cubicle covered in individually-wrapped lifesaver candies and thank you cards filled out from the people that they work with most.  Third Day:  The event on the ticket was listed as "We'd be Stranded Without You".  We decorated each of the staff's computer monitors with strands of mardi-gras style beads from the dollar store and taped pictures of a person stranded on a desert island (clip art) on each monitor as well.  Fourth Day:  This was our "main event" day- the event on the ticket said "Three hour tour".  Each staff arrived at their desk to find a "message in a bottle" with the instructions on how to find the lunch.  This was made using a small glass bottle with a cork purchased at the craft store and adding some sand mini shells and a paper drink umbrella along with a map rolled up and stuck inside with specifics about the lunch event.  We actually reserved a cabin on a lake and took our staff out there for a lunch we prepared for them- fish rice pilaf salad tropical fruit rolls and tropical mocktails.  All of the supervisors were dressed as Gilligan (red polos white bucket hats) and the head supervisor was dressed as the Skipper (blue polo captains hat).  The table inside was decorated in blue red and white again using the fish nets fish and toy boats to decorate down the center of the table.  We purchased plastic pineapple shaped cups from the dollar store and made up tropical mocktails in the blender for each staff person.  As they entered we gave them all tropical leis to wear and sang for them the Gilligan's Island Theme song.  Friday-  This was the final day.  The ticket stated "Coconut Cocktails".  Each staff arrived at their desk to find a plastic coconut shaped cup (dollar store item) with a Starbucks Gift Card inside and coconut candies (mounds and almond joy)."

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