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Gilligans Island -60yr- Parents were the Howells



Feb 2003


Sandi in Sanford Florida


Old Movies Themes

We threw a Gilligan's Island party for my father's 60th. Each of us dressed as a castaway and when dad and mom showed up for the surprise, we adorned them with a jacket, cigar, wig, earings and umbrella. They were the Howells.

Everyone else looked their part. We changed the words of the theme song to fit in with dad's life and sang it to him in front of all our guests.

The party dacorations were luau type, beach items. Drinks were tropical.

Every castaway got a lei when they came in the door.

We asked for each guest to e-mail us quotes for 60 year olds and put together a Powerpoint slide show with different pictures from the past and quotes from friends. Lots of fun!

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