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Caddyshack Party - Tacky Country Club Style



June 2010


Mariana in Mt. Pleasant, SC USA


Old Movies Themes

I throw a summer party every year with a different theme. Last summer was Caddyshack.

INVITATIONS: I sent out invitations - using the picture of Carl Spakler face to face with a gopher from the movie - I found it online. Guests were encouraged to dress as their favorite character or just tacky country club style. 

DECORATIONS: A golf ball balloon floated above the mailbox. I had a sign store make up a series of signs (the kind that elecation candidates and golf tournaments use) No Fighting No Spitting No Drinking No Gambling No Bare Feet" - which is posted on the caddyshack in the movie was at the entrance to the back gate. In the backyard two other signs were on the lawn "This hole sponsored by Judge Smails" and "This hole sponsored by Ty Webb".  3 pub style tables were off the patio - draped in and tied at the base.

Each table held a tall glass cylinder filled bolf balls and gold tees - topped with sand with a white candle.  Carriage lanterns were placed along the edges of the lawn on shepherd's crooks.  On the far side of the lawn I had 2 pub tables that held a plywood 'miniature golf course" topped with astroturf and areas of sand traps.  This was used as additional table space.   

GAMES In the far corner was an Closest To The Gopher putting game. An official gopher club cover from the movie was on top of a stake surrounded by 2 potted palms a small metal bucket placed in fron tof it.  Guests had to putt with a Lil Tykes plastic golf club. 

FAVORS: I ordered 100 22oz custom tumblers that had the Bushwood Country Club logo on it - they were fairway green with black imprint. Guests helped themselves to iced keg beer and a table full of mixers for liquor drinks. 

ACTIVITIES: I had a television on the patio where we showed Caddyshack non-stop.  Music on the MP3 player was all the hits of 1980 the year the movie came out. 

PARTY SNACKS: The food buffet was inside the kitchen table - with golf themed plates and napkins. Mini Sandwiches made on dinner rolls; marinated vegetables dips crudite and cheeses. I even made a big punch - I labled it Swimming Pool Punch - Members Only. It was a combination of Coconut Rum Pineapple Juice Sprite and Blue Curacao. I floated a couple of Baby Ruth candy bars for the full effect from the scene in the movie.  This year its either Margaritaville or Jersey Shore just haven't decided yet. "

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