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The Godfather - Horses Head Cake



March 2003


Melinda in Easton,Maryland U.S.A.


Old Movies Themes

The following is an adult theme idea:  My husband's all time favorite movie is "The Godfather" so I decided to throw a party with that theme. 

Invitations were sent to friends that read,"The Godfather requests your presence and this is an offer you can't refuse.  Dress as your favorite character from "The Godfather". 

My husband dressed as the Don, I dressed as Kay, and we had eight couples who assumed roles that ran the gamut of Sonny,Vito and old Italian grandmothers.The cocktail hour was an extended one and we enlisted the help of our babysitter who served us through cocktails and the dinner.

We moved furniture out of one room, set the room up with 2 large round tables, white linen table cloths and napkins and floral arrangements. 

Without planning the men sat at one table and the ladies at the other. My husband as The Don gave a memorable toast as "He was glad the families could get together,that it made him happy to have such respect etc. . "

It was quite humorous as everyone played their particular character without even being prompted.

We had CD's from the Godfather movie playing in the background all evening. 

After the birthday cake, red velvet shaped like a horses head,we had a showing of the movie and a enjoyable evening was had by all.

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