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James Bond Party -30yr- James Bond Trivia



April 2003


Arlene in Huntington Beach, CA USA


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For my husband's 30th birthday party, I planned a surprise party which was held at our friend's house.  Since he is a huge fan of James Bond, that was the theme I used. 

When the invitations went out, I requested that the guests dress up either as James Bond, a spy or a Bond girl. 

Everyone got really excited and showed up in tuxes, and slinky dresses.  

I had a friend bartend for us serving...what else?  Martinis, shake n not stirred. 

I also rented black jack tables. 

For decorations we used silver, black and gold balloons to cover the floor and ceiling. 

I also had a James Bond trivia, and to the person who answered all correctly received the collection of James Bond movies.  I special ordered his cake so it looked like a BMW logo.   

For party favors, I ordered chocolate cigars which were passed out.  I also created a commerative james bond cd for each guest with a picture of my husband looking like james bond (I used a picture from our wedding.) on the cd.  

Getting my husband to dress up in the signature black and white tux was a feat, but I told him that we were going to dinner someplace fancy and he needed a tux. 

I was able to pull this off because his birthday is between Christmas and New Year's so a lot of places are more festive.

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