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Oscar Party - Pick the Winner Competition



Dec. 2003


Joedy in USS LaSalle(AGF3) homeported in Italy


Oscar Award Night Party

Oscar Party (Adult) When we can see the Oscars (we miss it sometimes because of deployment) I send my friends invitations that include a ballot of the year's Acadamy Award nominees (I usually get it from blockbuster video or from the internet.)

I roll out a red carpet and make foo-foo hors d'ouvres (like caviar on cream cheese and toast points and shrimp cocktail) as well as popcorn and milk duds.

The completed ballots are collected before the show starts and we have cocktails as we cheer for our favorite stars as they arrive and hiss at Joan & Melissa Rivers and the other poorly dressed have-beens.

Everyone gets really excited and we serve champagne before the best movie category.

The winner with the most correct Oscar winners on their ballot gets a gift certificate to blockbuster and/or movie tickets.

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