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Oscar Party - Statue Silhouette D├ęcor



Sept 2002


Lisa in Pacifica, California, USA


Oscar Award Night Party

Oscar Party Every March, the annual Oscars event is broadcast on TV, with the "pre-game show" beginning as early as 5pm (Pacific Standard Time). 

This annual event is one of my husband's favorite things, so to celebrate this year, we decided to have an Oscar Party. 

Decorations consisted of helium filled gold and black balloons with gold ribbons. 

The posters for movies nominated for "BEST MOVIE" were printed on a color printer from the internet, and strung on the ribbons. 

Oscar statue silhouettes were cut out of shiny gold bags (the type of bag for wine bottle gifts) and were hung on the ribbon ends as weights. 

The cake was decorated with the names of the "BEST MOVIE" nominee titles in the actual fonts of the movie titles. 

Ballots (printable from the internet) were handed out to friends and family. 

This was our first annual Oscar party.

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