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Movie Scene Party - Bring Your Favorite Movie Clip



Jan 2003


Patti in Atlanta, GA USA


Oscar Award Night Party

Movie Scene Party 

On New Year's Day we wanted to have a laid back day so we asked all our friends to bring their favorite movie scenes cued up to watch.  With a big group of varied people the scenes were so much fun to watch. 

There were scenes from every genre - horror (the transformation scene from "An American Werewolf in London") to comedy (the outtakes from "Toy Story" the introduction of the 3rd clone from "Multiplicity" to the fantasy scenes on doing in the boss from "9 to 5").

This is a great idea for a relaxed day and you don't have to watch an entire movie, just the good parts.  Everyone had a great time and you just spend the day eating and watching scenes.

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