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Oscar Party -50yr- Trophy Awards for Everyone



April 2009


Lauren in San Diego, California, USA

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Oscar Award Night Party

My mom had an oscar themed birthday party. It was a surprise, She knew that she was going to have a birthday party, but she didn't know the theme. So before the party we had all the guests (or each couple/family) make a video about how they might of met my mom, say nice things/time they had together and anything else. There was probably about 10-15 videos.

Anyway so COSTUMES: everyone was told to wear very fancy clothes because they are going to the oscars.

INVITATIONS: my dad e-mailed everyone the invitation  

DECORATIONS: we got most stuff at party city and got balloons and taped them to the ceiling, on the windows and everywhere. We also got a big sheet, filled it with balloons, so when my mom would come down all we would have to do is pull it and it would all fall on her. We got the cake from Bristol Farms (BEST CAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!) and our family friend catered food, and we rented champagne glasses and had champagne like at the Oscars.

THE PARTY: we got 2 red carpets from party city and put them from the coldesac (where people parked/drove up to all the way into our house. We got a family friend to be an interviewer (pretending that all the guests were movie stars). We got a microphone from some toy store or radio shack place and then got a picture of the access hollywood logo and taped it to it. So as people came in, (while my mom is upstairs with my grandma and her friend because after all this is a surprise) the interviewer interviewed all the people including what they were wearing, (i was video taping and i did the whole glam cam), what they would like to say to my mom, and other questions (such as what the men were wearing; boxers, briefs or comandos) the adults thought it was really funny.

So after the interviewer interviewed all these people (my grandma and my mom's friend had already come down by now so my mom was up their alone), we got our other family friends to organize music (oscar type of music and music my mom likes) so after everyone was interviewed I was sent to get my mom and the family friends started the music (which was the 20th century fox theme music) and when that was ended she would come out (and other music had started) and she would walk down the stars and everyone was clapping. Then the interviewer made she my mom was standing in the right place so the balloons would fall on her. My mom was thanking everyone for coming and then my dad and another family friend pulled the string and all the balloons fell down on her and on the inside of the sheet it said Happy 50th Birthday" and my mom loved it.

Then after a while when everyone was mingled our family friend had made a slideshow of my mother's whole life starting with my grandma getting married and all the way to her 50th with music and pictures to go along with it. It was about, under 10 minutes and everyone loved it and it was totally amazing!

Then people mingled more we cut the cake and sang happy birthday and then watched everyone's videos and some of them were soooooo funny!!! And we titled them. Everyone's video was different and so amazing and it wasn’t boring and all the same I just wish you could see all of them because there was one family friend who said what she and my mom have in common (and one of the things she said in the video was "I'm a PC and you’re a Mac. I know how do use a computer and you don’t need to know how" and then there was this other family friends who always gets Louis Vuittons for my mom and on the video he acted like a drug dealer only it was about louis vuittons and he talked about how my mom got "addicted" to them.

Some were funny creative heart-felt going to all my mom's favorite places (the places they spent together) For example one family friend did places she loved and places they have spent together doing things for me and her daughter (we're BFFS)  like waiting in lines at 6:00 A.M. so me and her daughter could do summer camps and waiting at our school on graduation day (my mom was the only one there (besides the custodian) because she wanted the best seats).

Anyway everyone got Little trophies at the end of their video (we had gone to a trophy place and gotten oscars made but instead of saying "Oscars" or "Best Actor" they say "Suzy's 50th Birthday" and we didn’t call them "Oscars" we called them "Suzys". It was the best party I have ever been to and I guarentee if you do the same yours will be the next best party"

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