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Red Carpet Party -40yr- Celebrity Dree-up



April 2007


Marie in San Gabriel, Ca., USA


Oscar Award Night Party

I celebrated my 40th birthday with a Hollywood Glam Red Carpet Theme. Party was held at El Torito resturaunt. Complete with a rolled out 15ft red carpet roll $6.99. I wanted all my guests to dig deep into their closets and pull out their old bridesmaids dresses, prom gowns, costumes and glam it up. They could either dress up like they were going to the accademy awards or like a famous celebrity. {hint: this enables everyone to participate in either the audience crowd, or the celebrity group}.

There was a $100.00 cash prize for the Best celebrity look-a-like, as well as 2nd thru 3rd prize winners who recieved gift bags filled with goodies and 4th thru 6th recieved a gold acadamy awards plastic trophy and ribbon. I had 4 neices and nephews ages 16-18 act as paparazzi with flashing cameras bombarding our guests as they entered the cantina.

Guests were to arrive at 7:00pm dinner was promptly served at 7:30pm until 9:00pm, self serve Buffet style $12.99 per person, 55 guests.

From 6:30pm to 9:30pm I had a karaoki sing amazing songs from Tom Jones to Marvin Gaye and guests had an opportunity to bask in the celebrity spotlight. Cost Free" He's my best friend. I also had a Dj perform songs such a Swing hits "my fav." and 50"s hits and various requests. Cost $250.00 for 4 hours.

Celebrity look a like winners signed autographs and all guests were able to purchase poloroid photos for $4.00ea from a local photographer who walked around tables for 2.5 hours.  I was Catherine Zeta Jones from "Zorro". There was Barbie Marilyn Monroe Chaplin Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit Tony Montana Scarface 1st place winner Elvis Betty Paige Fanta Girls Budweiser Girls The Girls Nextdoor 2nd place winner Maywest 3rd place winner Bewitched Zorro Dr Phil and Brad Pit. We had no games but plenty of coversation lots to look at and every guest glammed it up.

I was actually a guest at my own party. Of course I had lots of help but it was worth it. Party planning was done a month in advance.  $125.00 party decorations "Free" custome invites made by a friend. Free" party gift bag stuffers CK1 Tommy Revelon Make-up Beneye and Mac products donated by friends and family. Free" Karaoki complete with lights equipment and singer. Donated by a friend.

Costumes and Formalwear donated and borrowed from groups of friends cut costs drastically except mine was $125.00 to rent. Bar/Cantina "free" Buffet style setting 5 course meal $750.00 includes mixed drinks for myself mom daughter her husband.... Dj $250.00 Poloroid Photographer self paid "Free" for me.

Cake $225.00 3 tier cake Movie Reel gold acadamy award themed.  Awards $225.00 Cut costs by asking family and friends if they can help with donations from their places of business. You never know. "

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