Idea No.


Grandma's 90th Memory Jar



April 2001


Ruth  in Wheaton, Minnesota, USA


Over The Hill Party

Our gift for "Great" Grandma's 90th birthday party scheduled for the day before Easter is a "memory jar". 

Original plans were to fill this jar (we purchased a pretty floral pattern cookie jar with a lid) with memory slips, pieces of slim paper with our memories with her and of her printed on each. 365 memories is ideal for each day of the year.

Hopefully by age 90 there's enough families to share in this! At age 90 not much is really needed in material gifts. 

This way grandma can reflect on family, fun, etc. each day of the year. 

Sentiments or even a fond quotes count too!  Since a party ended up being planned we will place the jar at the guest register at front door with blank papers and pens at hand and invite other friends and family to participate in this special jar she can keep forever and in her heart!

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