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Over the Hill -40yr- Surprise Party



Feb 2003


Debbie in Lancaster, California, USA


Over The Hill Party

For My husband's 40th birthday I gave him a surprise party.

The invitations read: "Jack is turning 40, his youth he'll see no more, so we're going to have a party like he had when he was four." At the bottom of the invitation I put: "Bring a gift for the four-year-old Jack."

The front of the invitation had a picture of children sitting around a table with party hats and a candle lit cake in the center of the table.

I had a train cake made with tracks and a sign that said, "Over the hill" and an arrow pointing the way.

I decorated the house for a little kids party, with streamers and balloons. I had party hats and party horns for all the guest.

When my husband walked in everybody yelled, "surprise" and blew their horns. (almost gave him a heart attack) I had everybody park on another street and walk up to the house so he didn't get suspicious.

The best part of the party was watching his reaction to the presents as he unwrapped them. 

Fortunately we were able to put most of the toys to good use, you see I was 6 months pregnant with our 3 child. If you don't have any children you can donate the gifts to a charitable organization or give them to nieces or nephews.

This works for any age over 30.

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