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Over The Hill - Black Etched Invitations



August 2004


Lorianne in victoria. BC, Canada


Over The Hill Party

OVER THE HILL....I sent out black etched invitations to our friends that invited them to the mock funeral service of my husband Dennis who had fatally slipped over the hill...I requested their presence and asked that they wear mourning clothes and prepare a tiny eulogy about Dennis. 

We changed the dining room and living room into a funeral hall, took our couches and put in lots of chairs and had them arranged like a funeral service.  We made black weathes and hung them on the doors and had white stands with bouquets of white lillies, (funeral music would also add to this) 

Gave everyone nice programs on just like at a funeral. It was a total surprise and when Dennis walked in he almost died (not literally) We made him go up the the front and lay on the dining room table that had a black cloth draped over it. 

We then had a funeral conductor everyone sang "AMAZING DEN" (change words abit make it funny)then everyonecame up and gave their eulogy…people make it funny, in the end one of his friends gave a final speech and said he really wanted to know what was in Dennis's mind and he asked if before they bury the boby if he could keep Dennis's brain and then pulled out a bag and said, "I thought you all might want to see his brain" and opened the bag a emphatically dumped it out and all these slips of paper with things about Dennis flew out (likes icecream, bargain hunter,etc.) it was funny and ended the mock funeral huge laughs and delicious refreshments followed….

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