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50th Surprise Party - Over the Hill T-Shirt



March 2005


Sanju in Hong Kong


Over The Hill Party

50th surprise party for Carol!  We hosted a surprise party for the Head of our Department in school (all women)when she turned 50!

We all wore white tee shirts with the print "Carol's 50..Over the Hill...but still hot!!"

After she entered, we served shots of tequila (in test tubes placed in a bowl of ice)..the tequila was coloured green and blue to make it look colourful...and got everyone into a swinging mood after downing the shots and licking off salt from the wrist and sucking lime.  We then sang the song 'Oh Carol" in which the lyrics were restructured and had our own live music with a guitar and tambourine. 

We then unveiled a 6 by 4 feet photocollage of her lifetime which became the main conversation piece of the party.  We then got dancing, and later she was given a scrapbook which had a picture of each colleague in the department in a "whacky pose" and personal lines written by them to the birthday lady!  

The cake was then cut..shape of which was a pair of a guy's buttocks with the inscription "Over the Hill'...then several colleagues read out embarrassing incidents of her life (given by her husband earlier) to much squeals of laughter!  A great time was had by all.

Dinner was Thai food and plenty of wine! The evening made her feel very special and much appreciated!

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