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Scavenger Hunt Party - Hunt for my Present



May 2006


Lisa in Mishawaka, Ind USA


Scavenger Hunt Party

Our friend had a birthday recently.  Her partner had thrown her a surprise birthday party but none of us could go that day, one friend had a prior family engagement and two had to work.  We all wanted to do something for our friend but knew a traditional gift and well wishes weren't enough.  She can have a wicked sense of humor and we thought she deserved some payback.  We came up with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. 

At 6 p.m. the four of us met at our place of employment as two of us were just getting off work.  We gave her a nice gift bag containing only white tissue paper, a disposable camera and a clue.  I had previously typed up rhyming clues using a large business card size format, printed them out, bought luggage tag laminating packets on clearance, bought lanyard type strings from a Craft store and made them so she could wear them around her neck.  We considered including a list of items she would have to bring back to us as in a true Scavenger Hunt but thought time would get away from us since we were having to start at 6 p.m.   

The introduction clue went something like this: "We all had to work or had a family affair, and couldn't make it to your party, but do not despair. We all got together and bought you a gift, and then came up with a very wicked twist. To just give you a gift would not be our style, we wanted you to hunt for it, it may take a while. The clues, you'll find and then hang around your neck, so anyone watching will say, "What the heck!" Your present is hidden somewhere in town, you'll use these clues to look all around.  Your second clue is hidden near our main office door,  where children go to find colors galore.  It makes bubbles that pop and gets stuck in your hair, now get going on this, if you dare!" (Her next clue was hidden behind one of the bubble gum machines by our main office door.  A very large area and would take time to locate the clue.) Her clues got harder as she progressed.      

The last clue was the burn!  Before the hunt, with the help of her partner, we hid her birthday present inside of her vehicle.  It was absolutely hilarious watching her search through her car for her gift. From a distance it looked like she was cleaning out her car!  The last clue had sent her to a restaurant we all meet at on a regular basis but decided at the last minute to meet at the one across the street.  We called her partner and let her know where we were but had a blast watching her search the car! When she was finished and met us she was absolutely speechless.  She is always getting people with jokes but this time we got her! It was a wonderful party!

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