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February 2007


Rebecca in Spartanburg, SC USA

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Scavenger Hunt Party

We are having a Scavenger Hunt for my Bunco Group (ladies only) and this is our list.  Keep in mind it's primarily a Photo Scavenger Hunt but includes trivia also.  You can score anywhere from 1-10 points each as indicated.  BUNCO GIRLS  SCAVENGER HUNT 2007

Items you need to have prior:  Ink Pen Pennies (for purchasing sidewalk chalk) Coin/Change (for finding appropriate coins) 2 Index Cards (one for family recipe & one for fire safety tip) Pad of blank paper (for Gravestone rubbings) Peeled Crayon (for Gravestone rubbings) a Straw for everyone on your team (for team soda drink)  Description Points Completed

ITEMS /  PEOPLE Photo of each person/item or bring item back 

1972 Coin (cannot use same denomination of coin already used) 2 
1984 Coin (cannot use same denomination of coin already used)  2
1995 Coin (cannot use same denomination of coin already used) 1
2003 Coin (cannot use same denomination of coin already used) 1
Empty Wine Bottle 1
Piece of rubber from a tire  1
Flyer for an upcoming event  1 
Stranger's Business Card 2 
Receipt for 50 cents of gas - dated during hunt 20  
Take-Out Menu 1
Free Promotional Pen (with company info on it) 1
One cent stamp 1
Newspaper clipping of a women's event 2 
Family Recipe from a Local Restaurant 10
Out-of-State License Plate 1  
Bank Deposit Envelope 1  
Napkin with bar logo/name on it 1
Person wearing a Concert/Band T-shirt 1   A Mullet 2  
A Stranger's tattoo 2  
Bowler modeling with a Pink Bowling Ball  2 
Someone wearing a shirt with a bowling logo on it 3  
Someone with more than four children 4  
Someone walking their dog  2 
Someone in spandex who is not working out 4 
a Window Display with members acting as a part 5  
Inside an elevator 5
Word Beer in neon  2 
Bartender tossing bottle in the air, cocktail style 6  
Moped/Motorcycle with sidecar  8 
Palm or Palmetto Tree 2  
Anyone you see with the name Red embroidered/sewn/patched onto their shirt 9  
Member in a wedding dress or tuxedo 10  
Live chicken  6  
Analog gas pump  5  
A car or truck with Student Driver markings  6 
Someone's used movie ticket/stub (up to 10 pts) 1 each  
Strangers/Public Swimming Pool 4 
Team in pool 10  
TV news van 6  
Graffiti  7 
Pink Cadillac  6 
Sign in restroom with instructions to wash hands  4 
Team member getting a high five from stranger up to 10 
1 each  Member wearing a Krispy Kreme hat 6  
a Slap bracelet 4  
a High School Class Ring  4 
Longest Limo (or car) you can find 5  
Person with the longest hair 5
Tallest Man 5  
Smallest Dog  5  
Longest Nails  5  
Biggest Feet  5 Person wearing the Most Rings 5  
Person wearing the Highest Heels 5
Take photo of project being completed by ONE team member unless otherwise stated.  You can take only up to 10 pictures at each location. Group taking a shot at bar together except DD 10
Signature of 25 People you meet on the hunt 10  
Make a Flower Wreath out of real flowers (1 photo of flower picking & 1 of wreath) 10
A Greeter at Wal-Mart waving at you
2 GROUP shot made inside a laundromat 10
Member being pushed through frozen food section in a shopping cart 8
Member on public pay phone 4
Form a Human Pyramid @ Fast Food restaurant 10  
Get a stranger to let you bowl one bowl for him/her during their ongoing game 8
One team member being frisked by a Law Enforcement Officer 10 
Additional points if completed by each/all members 5
Group Hug a Law Enforcement Officer 10
Visit a Fire Station & get a Fire Safety Tip  (photo of Fireman explaining)  8 
@ Fire Station have them run Siren & Lights (photo of fire truck with lights running) 10
Photo of more than one member on/in fire truck  5
Serenade Outdoor Diners with a song  (complete at least 1 verse & chorus)  10  
Serenade a Couple in public with a song (complete at least 1 verse & chorus) 8
Find a runner & have one member jog with him/her 10
Have one team member throw a (raw) pizza crust in the air @ pizza joint (pic of member tossing) 10
Ask a stranger, What are some things you know about Quacker's? & then explain what you know (photo of stranger & member answering too) 10
Pump gas for a stranger 10
Order an empty coffee cup & have employee autograph it for you (photo of employee signing) 10
A Stranger with an instrument playing you a song 10
Team sharing a soda (everyone needs a straw) 8
Member walking stranger's dog 8
Receiving a dessert complete with lighted birthday candle 10
Carrying a stranger's pkg/groceries 5
By a urinal in a public men's restroom 10
Start a dance class in the parking lot & get at least 3 stranger's to join in  10
Braid a stranger's hair 10
Hang upside down on monkey bars (up to 10 pts) 2 each  
Cleaning a public toilet 10  
5 strangers singing the National Anthem together 10  
Team posing under/near a public clock when it strikes 6:00 pm  10  
Serving a stranger at a Fast Food restaurant 10   
Convince a stranger to let you taste their food 8  
Imitate the Beatles crossing a crosswalk 8  
Find one of the statues in downtown Sptbg & have members model around it as addtn'l status  10  
Completed Sodoku from today's paper 6  
Completed Crossword puzzle from today's paper 6  
at least 2 members standing on a big rock 4  
at least 2 members dressing in camouflage  6  
at least 2 members standing on their head on a couch or chair that's in a store 8  
at least 2 members in a bathtub in a store 8  
All or most members forming a word with their bodies on the ground 10 
All or most members sitting around a family dinning at a restaurant 10  
All members trying on a pair of white shoes at store 10  
All or most members next to a Stop Sign 10  
All or most members trying on/out sporting goods 10  
A member climbing a ladder 8  
Member on a bicycle not in a store 10  
all members going down 1 slide together 10  
Act out a scene from a Disney Movie in public (you may have to explain it later) 10  
Do exactly what the sign says (any sign will work) 10  
Play Leap Frog in public place 8  
an I can't believe we all fit in here!  pic 10  
Purchase Sidewalk Chalk using Pennies only  5  
with Sidewalk Chalk create a public work of art 10  
Capture your team's reflection somewhere 10  
Make someone appear really small in a pic 10   
a Can you find us?  pic 10  
call in & get to talk on the radio (cell other teams) 10  
Swing in a baby swing at the partk 10  
Graveyard / Tombstone Projects (may photo or take a rubbing of the stone)   Date of death October 31st of any year 10  
Same birthday of a team member 10  
An etching of an animal on it 10
Same last name as someone on your team 10 
TRIVIA (just answer questions - no photo required)   How many swings are at the Lake Bowen Park?  10  
Name 10 Schools in our area  10  
List 10 bars in our area  10  
How many stools are at Krispy Kreme facing the window at the bar?  10  
How many lights are on the bridge over the railroad tracks at Krispy Kreme?  8  
How much is a Red Headed Slut at Applebees?  10  
Where's the Masonic Lodge in Spartanburg?  10  
What are the dates on the plaque at First Baptist Spartanburg?  Hint: walk through the archway  10  
Draw the symbol that's on the top of the First Presbyterian Church of Spartanbug?  10

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