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Scavenger Hunt - Complete Scavenger List



May 2007


Tracy in Charleston, SC USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

I host a quarterly scavenger hunt for couples.  It is by invitation.  Each couple brings along $10 to put into the prize pot (the team with the most points wins the pot") and a digital camera.  During the hunt teams must collect items (like good'ole fashioned scavenger hunts) find answers to information questions and take digital photos of things they do on the hunt.   

We begin the game off with a fear factor food challenge.  The last scavenger hunt was eating crickets.  (You would be surprised how many people will eat a cricket.)  Each team also brings a dessert or fruit / veggie tray to share while we are tallying points and sharing stories.  Below is the last hunt we hosted.  It is within our hometown so there are MANY items that are only found here in our town.  However you will get the idea and can easily make adjustments for the town you live in! 
25 point items: collection items
_____ chop sticks
 _____ paper clip
 _____ highlighter
 _____ lighter
 _____ dice
_____ penny
_____ sunglasses
_____ comb
_____ piece of gum
_____ burger king bag
_____ pinecone
_____ today's newspaper
_____ button
_____ blue ball point pen
_____ stamp
_____ envelope
 _____ hat
_____ color pencil
_____ rubber band
_____ ear ring
_____ doubloon
_____ fast food burger wrapper
_____ stale french fry
_____ bar of soap
_____ bingo marker
_____ candy cane
_____ pacifier
_____ mirror
_____ plastic fork
_____ light bulb
_____ deck of cards
_____ book with a red cover
_____ watch
_____ safari invitation
_____ necktie
_____ apple
_____ make-up compact
_____ a hanger
_____ spatula
_____ expired car insurance card
_____ car air freshener
_____ a clover
_____ can of spices
_____ phone book
_____ curly phone cord
_____ pink crayon
_____ beanie baby
_____ black sock
_____ hershey kiss
_____ vhs tape
_____ plastic fork
_____ tv guide
_____ stamp with a postmark over it
_____ straw
_____ saves-a-lot flyer
_____ key chain
_____ white paper bag
_____ a sticker
_____ toothpick
_____ pocket lint
_____ white hair
_____ men's tie  

50 point collection items:
_____ brown egg
_____ fruit scented candle
_____ baggie of sand
_____ matches
_____ take out menu
_____ fortune cookie
_____ lock of hair
_____ greenback stamp sheet
_____ charleston tourist item
_____ church bullitan
_____ balloon
_____ 10 bonus points if inflated
_____ hammer
_____ red straw
_____ an item made in taiwan
_____ a snow globe
_____ 15 bonus points if it is not a winter scene
_____ sea shell
_____ christmas ornament
_____ piece if faux food _____ 10 bonus points if it is not fruit
_____ restaurant bib
_____ potato chip
_____ 10 bonus points if it has green edges
_____ white chocolate chip _____ 10 bonus points if it is swirled w/ chocolate  

50 Point information items: 
_____ name of goose creek walmart store mgr. _______________________ 
_____ price of red delicious apples at harris teeter ________ cents/lb. 
_____ name of rick hendrick jeep store mgr. _______________________ 
_____ 1st movie on the regal recording _______________________ 
_____ last showtime of last movie on oakbrook cinema recording  _______________________ 

50 Point Photo ops: 
_____ photo of you two together
_____ you at a bus stop
_____ of a red fire hydrant
_____ of another scavenger hunt team taken between 7:15-8:45pm
_____ of someone in a uniform
_____ of someone wearing a hat
_____ someone climbing a tree   

100 point items: collection items: 
_____ a male friend who will call my house give his name your names and sing I'm a little tea pot to me.
_____ magnolia leaves
_____ camilia flower
_____ starbucks coffee cup
_____ dog piece from monopoly game
_____ black shoelaces
_____ road map
_____ a flag
_____ real estate sales book
_____ krispy kreme donut bag
_____ newspaper over a week old
_____ dvd w/ a title that begins  w/ a vowel
_____ an umbrella
_____ valentine's candy
_____ pirate eye patch
_____ animal paw print
_____ a baby photo of yourself
_____ mcdonald's large fry container
_____ arby's ketchup packet
_____ paint sample strip
_____ chuckie cheese token
_____ oreo cookie
_____ blue fingernail polish
_____ lego
_____ paint brush  

100 point photo ops: 
_____ sitting on a porch swing
_____ of someone waving at you from a car next to you in traffic
_____ of blackbaud stadium 

100 Point information items:  
_____ which state has a 651 area code? _______________________________
_____ in what year did the 1st colonists land in charles town? __________________________
_____ how old is the angel oak? __________________________________
_____ the circular church was organized in what year? __________________________________
_____ at the time of the revolution the gates into charleston town stood in marion square.   What was the name of the high way that came into charles town at that time?___________________________

200 point items: collection items: 
_____ receipt from knightsville publix
_____ movie soundtrack cd
_____ a pocket watch
_____ mc donald's mgr signature on his business card
_____ diaper
_____ new year's decoration 
_____ picture of a famous person
_____ 50 point bonus if autographed
_____ oyster shell
_____ match book from a resturant with their logo on it
_____ 1 foot long piece of purple ribbon
_____ drawing by a child under 10 years old
_____ 3 marbles
_____ shark's tooth
_____ cat tail (the plant)
_____ sheet music
_____ caligraphy pen
_____ sock with a hole in it
_____ piece of eucalyptus
_____ colored kleenex
_____ 50 bonus points if you sculpt it in a rose
_____ aluminum foil swan
_____ remote control     

200 Point information items: 
_____ in what year was the west point rice mill designated as a seaplane base? _______________
_____ in what year was the college of charleston founded? _______________________________ 
200 Point photo ops: 
_____ of you next to a horse
_____ of you on a firetruck
_____ of you on a boat
_____ of the woman on your team sitting  on a riding lawnmower in lowes
_____ with a uniformed police officer _____ 100 bonus points if its staged like an arrest
_____ of the woman on the team holding a snake
_____ of you doing a headstand in front of the post office
_____ of you sitting on top of the hunley
_____ of you kissing a cow
_____ of you making a chalk outline of your partner  

300 point items: collection items 
_____ crayon rubbing of a gravestone
_____ your high school yearbook
_____ return receipt from any store
_____ a dessert item
_____ vinyl record
_____ gap shopping bag
_____ lily pad
_____ return with your hair spiked _____ 50 bonus points if it is fashioned into a mohawk
_____ lightening bug
_____ your high school graduation photo (if it is in the yearbook it does not count)
_____ return with your clothes on backwards   information items 
_____ who designed the fireproof building? _______________________ 
_____ in what year were stede bonnet and his crew captured? (pirate marker on the battery walk)_________________________________  

300 Point photo ops: 
_____ of the woman on your team sitting with people you don't know at ryan's resturant
_____ of the man on your team holding fruit over his head in a produce section of a grocery store _____50 bonus points if it is a watermelon
_____ of a waitress named peggy her name tag must be visible in the photo
_____ next to the entrance of james island county park
_____ of an i-95 sign 
_____ of arrival/departure screens at the airport
_____ of paolo and his gelato
_____ of a construction crew working
_____ walking through a drive-thru and ordering a soda
_____ of you playing in a fast food play area (you must be up on top or in the equipment)
_____ of you dancing with a hostess while they are on duty at work
_____ of you hanging by your arms and legs from a cannon barrel  

500 point items collection items 
_____ baskin robbins pink spoon
_____ mustard seed menu
_____ golf score card from blackbeard's cove
_____ photo of you with blackbeard and stede bonnet (all 3 in one photo) (blackbeard's cove emplyees do not count on this one!)
_____ a flyer or business card from hot wheels skate center
_____ take a photo of the man on your team trying on a woman's dress in walmart (he may not be wearing anything but his underwear and the dress. Putting the dress on over his street clothes does not count!)   "

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